If you’re looking to organize against the current, unstable political atmosphere, here’s a list of 28 active organizations that service a range of black communities.


1. Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter was formed in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in 2013 and quickly became a national movement to end police brutality. The organization continues to mobilize and amplify national dialogue around state-sanctioned violence.


2. Fly Life


FLY Life Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to empower girls to be FLY inside out. We do this by providing curriculum, conferences, and mentorship for girls ages 8 to 18 in the areas of identity, character, and purpose.


3. Trans Women Of Color Collective

TWOC offers support and resources for trans women of color, a highly marginalized community.


4. Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is on a mission to increase the number of black women working in computer programming. By hosting after school programs and workshops, the org plans to train one million young black women in the field by the year 2040.



The NAACP is a long standing civil rights organization that works on a broad scale to achieve racial justice for citizens in urban communities.


6. Common Ground Foundation

Rapper Common founded this organization in the 1990s to provide greater opportunities for under-serviced children through mentorship, community service and the arts.


7. The Trayvon Martin Foundation

The Trayvon Martin Foundation aims to spread awareness of the consequences of gun crime and caters to families affected by gun violence. 


8. The Pennsylvania Prison Society

The Pennsylvania Prison Society is a long-standing organization dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system. By providing prison bus services, offering reentry services and newsletter subscriptions for current and former offenders, the organization advocates for the rights of those affected by incarceration.


9. Blackout For Human Rights

Blackout curates a unique way to protest the repetitive inattention to the work of black artists by tuning out from events like the Academy Awards. The group played a significant role in Justice For Flint, a charity event which was held on the same night as the 2016 Oscars.


10. Incite!: Women of Color Against Violence

Incite works to end violence against women of color through organizing events, conferences, circulating newsletters and strategic political initiatives.


11. Audre Lorde Project

ALP is a New York-based organization that dedicates itself to achieving social and economic equality for LGBT communities of color. 


12. National Black Justice Coalition

NBJC’s work centers around HIV/AIDS, and makes employment and education opportunities more inclusive for black LGBT citizens.


13. We Are Here

We Are Here, founded by singer Alicia Keys, is a partnership of organizations working together to end poverty, oppression and homelessness.


14. Million Hoodies

The death of Trayvon Martin spurred the inspiration for Million Hoodies, a coalition of young people organizing to put an end to mass incarceration and the criminalization of young black men.


15. Color of Change

With over a million members, Color of Change works to end racial injustice manifested in the media, economy and criminal justice system.


16. Black Youth Project

BYP studies the attitudes and cultural norms of black millennials in an effort to maximize their life experiences. 

17. #Cut50

Cut50 is a project by The DreamCorps that aims to reduce the number of people incarcerated through awareness campaigns like #DayofEmpathy and #ClemencyNOW.


18. The Innocence Project

With multiple branches throughout the nation, The Innocence Project works to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes by providing free legal assistance. 


19. My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative of the Obama administration, aims to unite and amplify the voices of black men through mentorship.


20. National Urban League

Founded in 1910, The National Urban League uses programs, research and advocacy to advance civil rights for people of color.


21. Black Women’s Blueprint

The Black Women’s Blueprint services black women affected by issues such as sexual violence, abuse and incarceration.


22. The Empowerment Program

The Empowerment Program offers resources like employment assistance and housing referrals for black women experiencing poverty, homelessness and incarceration. 


23. Fierce NYC

Fierce is New York-based organization catering to the extremely underserved LGBT youth of color. 


24. National Action Network

Founded by Reverend Al Sharpton, the National Action Network operates on the platforms of voter protection, corporate responsibility, anti-violence and criminal justice. 


25. Black Organizers For Leaders And Dignity

BOLD is a national leadership training program that aims to equip black leaders with the skills needed to place themselves at the forefront of movements for social justice. 


26. African-American Planning Commission

AAPC is New York-based organization focused on resolving issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, unemployment and HIV/AIDS in black communities. 


27. Sister Love

Atlanta-based organization Sister Love commits itself to educating women of color about reproductive health, safe sex and HIV/AIDS. 


28. National Black Women’s Justice Institute

Sponsored by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, NBWJI centers its mission on empowering black women and girls in the criminal justice system.


29. Until Freedom

Until Freedom is an intersectional social justice organization rooted in the leadership of diverse people of color to address systemic and racial injustice


If you have other legit organizations that should be added to this list please comment below.